This week we introduce our newest student spotlight on Ed S! His story perfectly encompasses the adage: with hard work and determination, anything is possible. Ed entered a field of work that he never thought possible because he became PMP certified.

Ed started as an active-duty program manager. He had his MBA and was doing well but wanted the possibility to enter the private sector. After some research, Ed found out his new unit was supporting the opportunity for members to receive PMP training and the certification. He worked with Jon at TMOG’s project management boot camp, and later claimed that the material and dedication needed to pass felt harder than when he pursued his MBA. The full picture presentation and individual mentoring by Jon and the TMOG team gave Ed the confidence and knowledge to pass the PMP Exam. Ed stated that Jon’s assistance was invaluable to his success.

PMP certification in hand, Ed was ready to find a new challenge. The biggest takeaway from the process for him was understanding a more professional tactic when managing projects and people. The PMP opened several doors for Ed that he would never have been qualified or considered before. After earning his PMP certification Ed received many inquiries from employers. . He eventually received an offer to work with Space Force as a project manager running their Cyber Team. While this was an outstanding achievement, Ed wanted his new position to incorporate remote work. So, he interviewed for a position as an entry-level project manager for an IT startup. The company had been scaling fast and the executives asked Ed to help in a higher capacity, creating a Vice President position for him to oversee the other project managers at the company.

As a result of his PMP certification, Ed can now work side by side with sophisticated engineers and technicians despite not being a specialist himself. Ed stated his decision to pursue project management changed the course of his career. The PMP has given Ed the skills and confidence to go into any technical field because these companies are not looking for project managers who are specialists in the field; rather, they are looking for people who know how to manage others. Ed finds this work enjoyable as he orchestrates the company, making sure the technical employees stay on track to meet their deadlines.

Ed left a word of advice for anyone on the fence about pursuing the PMP.

“Just  do it,” he says, “The PMP will only make you a better manager even if you do not hold a project manager title.”

Today,  Ed supports new project managers and helps them form their own success stories. The skills he learned from the PMP courses have extended beyond his career and made him a more organized individual. His first reaction to any obstacle in his way is to approach it from a PM mindset.