“How far was I from passing? What should I study to improve my results? What were my areas of strength and weakness on the exam?”

In response to questions like these, PMI updated the Exam Result Report to offer more guidance, information and support to individuals taking the certification exams, particularly if they need to retake the exam.  PMI also created an Exam Analysis webpage on the Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS), where test takers can get even more detailed information on their exam performance.

Beyond the “pass/fail” notification and proficiency ratings of the previous report, the new Exam Result Report and Exam Analysis page offers test-takers:

  • A detailed, visual explanation of their performance at the domain and task level
  • A better understanding of how they performed compared to the passing point of the exam
  • Customized tips on next steps to focus their study or future professional development

View the updated Exam Result Report

View an example of the new Exam Analysis Page