You are smart and talented – attributes your boss notices when assigning you to lead the company’s next big project. It’s an exciting opportunity, but it also comes with high risk and visibility. You need to make sure everything goes well, but you don’t know where to start. The Project Manager’s Quick Start Guide is designed with you in mind. Did you forget about cost? Are you ready for unexpected surprises? How will you keep track of your team? The answers to these common project management questions – and more – are found in this guide. By using The Project Manager’s Quick Start Guide, you will succeed far beyond expectations.

It’s time to get your project started on the path to success with The Project Manager’s Quick Start Guide. Designed for emerging new managers, this step-by-step guide shows project leaders how to quickly organize their thoughts, develop a plan, launch a project, and lead the team to a success. Above all, it shows how to manage a project with a minimum of effort while obtaining maximum results!

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