In order to maintain confidentiality, the names and nature of the work of our clients are not disclosed. Rather, pseudonyms are used.

TMOG Learning Center’s past performance includes providing professional development training services for the Department of Defense and Corporations. We have provided this service in the United States, Mexico, England, Germany, and Italy.  Since “we do what we teach and we teach what we do,” we also provide project management support services for entities. Areas of support may include staff augmentation, project setup, and project close out.

Success Stories

Client E’s Story

Client E recognized that the majority of their work involved leading and directing high-level research and development projects for the Department of Defense.  Their staff of roughly 180 individuals, for the most part, were comprised of technicians who were technical masters of their craft. These highly intelligent individuals were specifically recruited to help create the next generation of technology in their field.  They were recruited due to their technical expertise not necessarily their ability to manage projects. While they were not lacking in energy, intelligence or motivation, they did not have the background or training to truly lead and direct high-end projects. Their previous successes were based on pure energy and sheer willpower.  Much to their credit they recognized this deficiency and set forth to instill a culture of excellence in delivering high-value projects.

Since Project Management Institute (PMI) is the leading not-for-profit professional membership association for the project management profession, the client wanted the training to be based on PMI’s recognized standards and certification programs. However, the client also wanted the training to be tailored to their specific needs.  As a Registered Education Provider of PMI, TMOG Learning Center was engaged to provide tailored classes to the client’s staff with the goal of creating a culture on how to manage projects.

In order to deliver on the Client E’s objectives, TMOG Learning Center created a two-week customized training session for their staff.  The material included courseware as well as practical exercises that used their specific live projects as the basis of instruction. The learners were placed into pods with the intent of creating a draft project management plan that could be executed by them over the upcoming months. TMOG Learning Center provided three training sessions over a 9-month period in order to capture a critical mass of the client’s staff. After which, they were placed on a 6-month cycle so training could be reinforced with newcomers to the client’s organization. Each evolution is carefully reviewed and the learnings are incorporated into the next class session.

The results were incredible. We knew that we would have the basis of a plan completed by the end of each session, but we did not anticipate the amount of collaboration that occurred within the class nor did we realize how strongly they would embrace the program.  The students were excited to take back some of their new found knowledge back to their facility and immediately begin using the material.  The students left the following comments, which demonstrate the skills learned through the course:

  • “My one thing would be the Risk Management Planning. My day to day function is identifying risks. The Risk Module gave me a different perspective on how to identify, analysis and strategize risk.”
  • “I have a much better understanding of product requirements. We work closely with vendors and manufacturers. They design equipment for us so having the structured layout to define our requirements and evaluate them will help greatly.”
  • “I love using the Work Breakdown Structure technique. The ability to break a project down into chunks or segments allows me to organize my time on a project and prioritize the work packages. This will not only help me professionally but personally.”

Client H’s Story

Client H represents a division within a global manufacturing company.  Unfortunately, the client’s division was unprofitable the previous year.  The senior management believed that it was due to poor project management practices.  Client H engaged TMOG Learning Center in a major divisional effort to provide training to approximately 150 members of its staff.  The staff included all functions (Project Managers, Engineers, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Human Resources, and the Leadership Team). TMOG Learning Center provided a one-day training session for the entire 150 person staff. The course was conducted over multiple days in small groups. The goal was to get a clearer understanding of how to efficiently run the client’s projects. During this particular engagement, TMOG Learning Center acted much like a personal trainer; therefore, the staff saw us as a partner to help them achieve their goals. By engaging with them in this way, we were able to continuously modify the training, so it remained effective and relevant to the client.

After the initial sessions, TMOG Learning Center conducted multiple three-day training sessions for approximately 100 members of the technical staff. This included the Project Managers, Quality, and Engineers.  The training was well received by all parties. New tools were developed to manage projects across the domain.  Some of these tools included the developmental use of an Enterprise Project Management Information System as well as a more robust reporting system for status reports and developing tighter financial controls.

Following the three-day sessions, TMOG Learning Center then conducted several week-long training sessions for 55 members of the core Project Management Team. All of the material was based on the 5th Edition of the PMBOK.  TMOG Learning Center guided the Project Management Office as they traced their current project management process back to the PMBOK.  This ensured they were following standardized processes in their effort.

The results exceeded expectations. Cross-functional participation in the training led to this success. Supporting departments such as Accounting and Purchasing had a better sense of how to support their Project Managers. The following year led to a sizable profit.

Client S’s Story

Client S is a group of high achievers who are exposed to the highest level of training. Their all-star list includes guests from Harvard, John Hopkins, West Point and Annapolis. Amazon, Apple, Google and other major corporations routinely benchmark their processes with them. Client S regularly engages coaches from national and international sports programs. Those coaches help Client S grow and evolve by providing lectures on their processes. TMOG Learning Center is proud to be among those who they invite on a routine basis to provide training to their staff and organizations.

Client D’s Story

Client D has a vast portfolio of ongoing projects and programs that span the globe. Client D originally engaged TMOG Learning Center for a one-time training effort for their core research and development teams. Seeing the value in the training, they expanded the training to other areas of their organization. Furthermore, they have placed it as a normal part of their professional development training.  Some of their unique applications that they adapted from the training included the following:

  • The ability to decompose complex ideas into smaller more manageable pieces, allowing them to accomplish the seemingly impossible. This process enabled them to better manage their vendors and suppliers so that deliverables more closely met Client D’s very stringent requirements.
  • Client D began using the risk analysis process in order to drive organizational change. They used this method to address individual concerns about a specific project. This helped them to understand the root issues and address those issues in a direct manner.
  • As an outcome from the classes, Client D began tracking their projects in a more systemic fashion. While each project was truly unique in style and functionality, they realized that they all followed a particular and unique pattern. Once this pattern was realized they then created Kanban Charts so they could track their projects in a systemic manner. This reduced the amount of time spent on a project and increased the effectiveness of the deliverables.

About TMOG Learning Center

TMOG Learning Center specializes in training & developing Project Managers and provides project management services for corporations and government entities.  Our typical engagement is a one-week workshop that is focused on improving the project management skillsets of the individuals and the entity. Our commercial clients are typically organizations that are ISO registered with highly intelligent and motivated employees. While not necessary, many times our training programs typically revolve around preparing for the Project Management Professionals (PMP) ® Exam as espoused by Project Management Institute (PMI).  This provides motivation for the individual to actively engage the material while contributing to the organization. This creates a win-win environment for all involved.

TMOG Learning Center is a Registered Education Provider (REP).  Profession Development Units (PDUs) issued by REPs are accepted without question from Project Management Institute.  REP’s are organizations approved by Project Management Institute (PMI) to help project managers achieve and maintain the Project Management Professional (PMP)®, Program Management Professional (PgMP)® and other PMI professional credentials. These organizations have met PMI’s rigorous quality criteria for course content, instructor qualification, and instructional design.  PMI is the world’s largest project management member association, representing more than 600,000 practitioners in more than 185 countries. As a global thought leader and knowledge resource, PMI advances the profession through its global standards and credentials, collaborative chapters and virtual communities and academic research. When organizations invest in project management, supported by PMI, executives have confidence that their important initiatives will deliver expected results, greater business value and competitive advantage.

In summary, TMOG Learning Center is proud to deliver quality training programs that drive success throughout organizations across the globe.  Please let us know how we can help you achieve your goals.