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The PMP is a valuable certification for both the government sector and the private business community. According to the 10th Edition of the Earning Power: Project Management Survey, US salaries for those with a PMP are ~25% greater than those without a PMP. The average salary for a non-PMP is ~$92k, and the average salary for a certified PMP is ~$115k.

I had the pleasure of attending a Project Management Professional (PMP) course delivered by Jon. In addition to myself I also had a couple of my managers attend and all of us were very pleased with the delivery and the knowledge we gained from Jon’s experience and teaching methods. Jon was very knowledgeable and approachable with a desire to deliver success to the class members.

The most value I walked away with was the examples of real world application he provided from not only his experiences but also his desire to find out the work environments of the class members so he could show how PMP could be applied to improve our lives. His knowledge of the curriculum and delivery of additional tools to help implement the program cannot be surpassed and I am confident my team will succeed with the instruction Jon provided.



I can use this immediately. Everything we do in the military is some kind of a project. Even if I do not use all of the processes, the knowledge/skills gained will allow me to better understand scope & goals, be better organized, better organize my teams for success and communicate more effectively.

Team Lead

Jon took ownership of the curriculum from the start, and he offered relevant experiences to augment his lesson. He put in time and effort above what was expected. His commitment to the course and the students was refreshing and obvious; he continues to provide assistance and guidance to those who received the instruction.


I can use PMP method to better organize & track my current ongoing project. Sticky notes are elementary. PMP is for big kids and grownups.

Team Lead

I am standing up a new group, and as such, I will apply the information I have learned here to ensure success and efficiency.

Department Head

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