FAQs on Enhanced Exam Security for Project Management Professionals (PMP)® Exam

Authorized Training Partners, Chapters, Universities

1. What is changing and why?
On 25 September 2023 (EST), we’re introducing enhanced data forensics and security policies for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam. These updates uphold the integrity of PMP® certification and reinforce the fairness and validity of the testing process.

Prior to 25 September

After 25 September

Candidates got preliminary results immediately at the end of the exam from the test delivery provider (Pearson VUE).

At the end of the exam, candidates will be notified that their responses have been sent to PMI, and they will get an email from PMI with exam results within five (5) business days.

Data forensics was used to detect misconduct. If misconduct was found, the exam was invalidated.

We’ve introduced enhanced data forensics. If misconduct is found, the exam is considered a security failure. The candidate will receive an email notification that their score has been canceled and will not be provided.

Candidates whose exam was invalidated could retake the examination free of charge in person (CBT) or online (OPT).

Candidates who receive a security failure can only retake the exam in person (CBT) and at their own cost.

Security failures will count towards the candidate’s three PMP® exam attempts allowed in a single eligibility period.

2. When will we see the effects of these changes?
The exam security enhancements will be implemented on Monday, 25 September 2003 (EST).  Customers in other regions may not see this change until 26 September based on time zones.  Because scores will be sent five business days after testing, a major impact likely won’t be seen until the end of the week.

3. What actions must we take to prepare for this change?
PMI recommends that our partners update their materials for PMP® candidates to inform them of the new changes.

4. Where are we communicating this change to candidates?
Updates will be included in all customer-facing materials for PMP candidates, including the Certification Handbook, PMP web pages, and our FAQs online.

5. Can we see a list of candidates who have had their scores canceled or review a candidate’s canceled score
All scoring matters are confidential and will be shared directly with the affected parties. PMI will not publish a list of affected candidates or share exam data with third parties.

6. How do the new security rules impact eligibility?
When PMI cancels a candidate’s exam score, the attempt will be classified as an exam security failure. Candidates with a security failure will have exhausted one of their three PMP test attempts in a given eligibility period. All PMP candidates will still have three exam attempts per applicant within a year eligibility period. However, those who receive a canceled score will also be mandated to take any subsequent reexaminations in person at a test center.

7. Why are customers not allowed to retake the examination online?
To safeguard the integrity of the exam, candidates who receive an exam security failure will not be permitted to take the PMP online and must retake the test in person. This ensures that additional security protocols can be followed and that all candidates are taking the exam for themselves and are not leveraging roxy testing services.

8. What if customers cannot afford to retake the examination? Will PMI offer any grants to support retakes?
PMI is not currently offering any grants or special discounts to candidates who received an exam security failure and wish for a reexamination. Due to accreditation rules centered on principles of fairness, we treat candidates with a security failure the same way as we do those who failed the exam by not scoring sufficient points, except for restricting the modality they are allowed to use for retesting.

9. Will PMI members (either chapter or global) be in jeopardy of losing their membership if flagged for exam
Unfortunately, some candidates whose scores have been canceled and are in exam security failure may be members of PMI and/or PMI chapters. We don’t currently have plans to revoke membership for affected parties. However, PMI reserves the right to take additional action against misconduct, up to and including revocation of membership for individuals who breach our ethics and professional conduct agreements.

10. If affected parties are affiliated with specific training entities will this jeopardize that training entity’s
working relationship with PMI?
PMI takes exam security matters very seriously and will take appropriate actions regarding training entities as needed.

11. If I have additional questions regarding this change, whom should I contact?
Additional questions regarding this and other exam security matters should be directed to examsecurity@pmi.org.