This year, several employers called me looking for PMP-certified candidates or students who have been through TMOG’s training programs. When faced with this issue in the past, I connected the hiring manager with prospective candidates via LinkedIn. While this process did work, I decided that a better approach is to start a Resume Database Program for my students. This way, we can quickly go through the database and match the hiring manager’s requirements with your skill sets and desired outcomes.

As you also know, we have a deep commitment to helping college students get through school. To meet both of these needs, we hired a college student to help us bring this effort to life. We brought Cassandra on board to work on this project as a paid intern. She is a member of her University’s ENACTUS Team. It so happens that I am a mentor for their team. So I have seen her and her classmates deliver notable projects over the past few years.

Cassandra will be spearheading this initiative. It is up to you whether you wish to participate; we are merely trying to be of service in your lifelong goals. You can reach her at

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.
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 Onward and Upward!